video surveillance, access control, biometric readers

Security cameras, biometric scanners, alarm integration, and door entry systems.  We can help  you be secure in your environment, and maintain control of your facilities.

Intrusion & Alarm

Our intrusion and alarm systems are custom designed to your facility’s needs.  Centrally monitored security systems that alert staff to intrusions and automatically update the security company when necessary.  Entry detection, biometric sensors, and easy access panels for a comprehensive view of the current state of your facility.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is key to securing your facility.  State of the art cameras with tilt, panning, and zooming can be installed throughout your facility.  DVRs are utilized to record video detection and movement, or they can be recording constantly.  Key staff can easily view the live cameras and archived footage through their computers or  tablets.

Access Control

Access control is the gatekeeper of who is permitted to enter and leave your facility and areas with your facility.  With magnetic locks, latches, card swipe or card tapping devices, or any number of biometric readers including retinal scans and hand prints, we have the capability to install the right solution for your situation.  Individually assigning access to areas within your facility to individuals or groups will enforce internal and external security.

Our security systems work in unison to provide you with a complete view of your facility, enable authorized access, and prevent unwanted intrusions. It’s a complete solution.

Our Partners

Our partners provide us with outstanding products and superior service. That enables our certified technicians to do the same for you.