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Unified communications, voice over IP, and integration with legacy systems.  We build phone solutions that will deliver now and into the future.

Leading Edge VOIP Systems

Phone systems are essential to daily business functions and performance.  Consider the functions that are essential to your phone system and your business for today and for tomorrow. Having a system that will meet the growing needs of your business is money well invested. We have a full line of Toshiba phone systems that we will cater to your specific business needs. Our technicians provide professional consultation customized for your individual business requirements, regardless the size of your business.

Today’s telecommunication technologies enable you and your staff to do more with less.  VOIP systems, or Voice Over IP enable your phones to communicate with your messaging server using the same cabling as a computer, making installations simpler, and a less diverse cabling infrastructure is required. Phones receive their power from the network, reducing clutter on the desk with a single cable.

Today’s systems can also use VOIP on the outgoing lines when appropriate.  These lines can create significant cost savings for additional outgoing lines and long distance charges that can be incurred with traditional lines.

Control of Your Phones

With Toshiba’s unified communication capabilities, you can have complete control over your system.  Voice trees, custom greetings, or a live receptionist can greet your clients. Your staff can use software to check their voice mail, set call forwarding numbers, enable their cell phones in off hours, and much more.  Complete control.

Our Partner

Toshiba is a reliable partner.  They provide the training for our staff, and the technical support required to ensure we always have a successful implementation.


We Also Support

Our technicians are trained in Multiple other systems also. We can support your existing systems through software patching, upgrades, and usability.